Physics of Radiation Therapy
Spring 2014
Professor Sajstein Alam



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I have been a experimental particle physicist since 1971, almost 40 years. I have been so absorbed with answering fundamental questions about the universe, I did not realize the impact of the technology used by us in the field of medicine and human health. Then starting in 2006, my health started failing and I found myself at the hospital quite often. Some of the dianostic tools that I came across are: Ultrasound camera, gamma camera, positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, digital subtracted angiography, etc.  All these tools have originated from atomic, nuclear and particle physics lab.  This made me glad since particle physicsist often find themselves justifying to the general public the expensive experiments that they are involved. 

So I got a book on “Physics of Raidation Therapy,” and got really excited that I could understand at least 50% with almost no effort.  So I decided that I woud teach a course on the subject at the 400/500 level. The best way to learn something is to attempt to teach it.  What is amazing is the amount of teaching resources available on the internet.

The goal of this course is to introduce the students to the science and technology of radiation in its application to diagnosis and cure of human diseases, specifically cancer. 

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